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Right from the Hive is a small, family owned and operated business located in Orange County, New York, just 60 miles south of Albany.

Still today, our company, Right from the Hive is a small company, selling high quality, chemical free, honey; fabulous, small-batch, handcrafted soaps and body products that are free of parabens and phthalates. We also hand pour all of our pure beeswax candles.

Our honey is raw and unfiltered, and is not heated or processed in any way. It is left just the way the bees made it! The bees determine the color, flavor and texture of our honey by the varieties of wildflowers and herbs they forage on. We offer the highest quality, unprocessed and natural products that we can produce such as honey, beeswax candles and natural personal care products.

We sell at Farmer Markets. June thru October. In November and December we sell at Craft Shows.

All of our products can be picked up at our farm throughout the year.



Eating 1

A teaspoon of Honey a day will help with allergies and much more!!

Help the Honeybee

Why are Honeybees dying

New data show the US honeybee population is still dying in record numbers

The numbers aren’t improving for bees in the US, and scientists still haven’t figured out what exactly is causing the problem.

Over the last year, American beekeepers reported losing about 41% of their honeybee colonies, a 3% increase in the loss recorded during the same period for 2017, according to new data released this week  by the University of Maryland, which works in conjunction with the Bee Informed Partnership.

Losses reported from the winter season, in particular, were noteworthy as 2018 winter colony loss hit an all-time high. The data marks the continuation of a trend that’s baffled beekeepers and has triggered alarm for farmers who depend on bees for pollinating their crops.


Useful properties of Raw Honey

How to help the Honeybees

Avoid harmful pesticides

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